recording podcast?

i’m taking my learning seriously. i’m putting significant time to optimize my learning resources, gathering quality information all over the internet, and so on. while doing this, i’m mostly using free resources. there is soo much quality stuff on the internet that helps me to be a better version of myself. however, i feel like i have to pay for this generosity. in some cases, that can be money but most of the time it’s not about that.

some men and women try to convert their environment to the better one. and their only gain is the satisfaction of seeing this change. they are sharing their passion with us in exchange for practically nothing than feeling good about it. that’s the trigger of my urge for creating valuable content for a better future. i’m not interested in changing the whole world, i’m doing the only thing that i’m capable of. i’m cleaning the front of my door. for me, it’s way valuable than being busy with undesirable events that i have no power on them. this is the motivation behind all of these contents.

this motivation can show itself in different formats. it can be a blog post, a podcast episode, or a video tutorial, etc. all of these are valuable resources for me. since i feel like this about them, it’s easy to start work on them. you know everything comes with a price even if they seem free to you. i’m not talking about the money, it’s way valuable than money. it’s irreversible when you are willing to pay. it’s time! if you are paying something with your time, it has to be meaningful for yourself. it has to be something you care about.

i like to read quality blogs, like to listen to quality podcasts, like to follow quality workshops. these are enhancing my vision, i care about them. since they are valuable to me, i’m trying to produce similar quality content to enhance this world. in this way, i believe i’m helping myself, my inner circle of friends, and of course the people who want to make a difference in its life.