the dilemma of the corporate

these days, i’m struggling with economical changes like most of the other people who are living in turkey. since turkey is one of the developing countries, it has a very unstable economy. currency keeps changing and this leads to the increased cost of life.

i’m a software developer. and for me, the main problem neither is the depreciation of the turkish lira nor the increased costs. our main problem is the distribution of wealth. as a software developer, i feel lucky. i’m earning more than an average and there is a high demand for my expertise both within the country and globally. which means to have mostly secure and stable earnings when we compare it to the other fields. so if this is the situation why i’m still complaining, right?

most of the companies that i worked even today had mostly dollar or euro-based contracts with their customer. because these two currencies are widely acceptable and more stable than others. but they prefer to pay their employees in local currency and since they are global the increase rates are strictly defined by the group of people who are not aware of the local circumstances or don’t care these circumstances and the member of these groups are mostly managers or executives who do not have financial concerns like employees. all of these are the participants of the wealth problems. in most cases, you can not get a real increase while working under the same hood. you have to change your job to keep getting a real increase. inflation is the main actor here.

as a developing country, we have a huge advantage like china and india. most of the expenses that the companies faced are based on the local currency but their earnings are either euro or dollar. turkey offices of the companies can easily compete with others when it’s come to price. and they can lower the price without sacrificing from quality.

but even with these advantages, i don’t believe that corporates are trying good enough to keep their talents. if they compare their turkey offices with others they will see the differences easily. circumstances lead us to search for alternatives. and this is also true for me because i don’t believe in corporate and i don’t think this is going to change soon. if you had any advice feel free to send a message over linkedin.