there should be some technical posts over here

honestly, the main reason of that i have this blog is to make myself more visible. i do not want to make it for glory. the motivation is to being a more powerful player on the software developer market. i love what i do, so that’s why i’m trying to build something on it.

however these days, i do not have any will power to make this blog more technical. instead, i’m actually doing the opposite for gaining writing discipline. which at least i would like to post a blog once a week. ideally a technical one.

when i look back, i think there is two main object which holds me back from this goal. first, i’m not happy with my current main project and my team mate on that specific project. so it drains my energy while i’m working on that which creates %70 of my current workload. i already took necessary actions about that, but since i’m a very small part of the big organization it won’t be changing quickly. which is quite boring and understandable at the sametime. but because of it’s understandable, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. i hardly accepted that and continue to work. let’s see what will change in the future.

the side effects of the covid-19 is also another object on that. i’m living with my family. trying to protect them against this epidemic while removing their oppositions is holding me back from most of the thing that i had in mind. i at least expect them to be neural on some topics but even small things can be big just in a sec. as a result, i’m more anxious, unpatient and tired then usually i’m.

i hope time will solve some of these then i can gain enough power to start from somewhere to build my own life.