who am i?

after several attemps on blogging. here i’m trying to have consistent blog for both personal and business related reason. before that i build my own site from scratch on my own raspberry pi based server, i build another one on wordpress etc. as you can see from this site none of them become successfull.

on the other hand, i have really good reasons to have blog. i learned almost everything that i know thanks to internet. while i’m learning all of these i feel like i have to pay back. since i’m not the guy who has no interest on one to one teaching. blog posts can be very helpful for me.

besides that when we think about my professional career. i’m trying to become digital nomad as software engineer. so if i’m going to take my business to whole another level while digitazing it totally. i have to known, at least can be known, in digital world. so blogging can be very helpful for that also.

so here we go. i’m çağatay tanyıldız, enthusiastic software engineer with 3+ year experience participating in the complete product development lifecycle of several application who is comfortable with: python, linux, git and who has working proficiency with react.js, docker and bash.

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