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How Your Phone Can Be Weaponized Against You

TAKE ACTION NOW: around the world have so far turned a blind eye and ...

I like the book’s arguments about reciprocity styles and how it’s put by examples. This book quickly become a ‘should recommend’ for me after couple chapters. Even though sometimes I felt like it could be shorter on repetitive discussions I’m glad to read it through cover to cover.

Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success

Give and Take highlights what effective networking, col…

SREcon19 Europe/Middle East/Africa - Pushing through Friction

Note: This talk contains language that some viewers may find objectionable.Pushing through FrictionDan Na, SquarespaceThings are broken. The deployment pipel...

How George Soros Broke the Bank of England

Thanks to Seeking Alpha for sponsoring today’s video! Check out Seeking Alpha Premium today at and score a 14-day free t...

VISION POSSIBLE: A New Paradigm in Computing?

The Apple Vision Pro may bring a paradigm shift in computing for many users. Learn our take on Apple's new platform and what it means for the future software.

Top 7 Software Development Workflow Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

Wondering how you can speed up your work? In this article, Jordan shares his tips on increasing his software development workflow.

Normalization of deviance

Have you ever mentioned something that seems totally normal to you only to be greeted by surprise? Happens to me all the time when I describe something everyone at work thinks is normal. For some reason, my conversation partner's face morphs from pleasant smile to rictus of horror. Here are a few representative examples.

Is TinyML Sustainable?

Assessing the environmental impacts of machine learning on microcontrollers.

My favorite coding question to give candidates

A coding question, from the viewpoint of an Google/Amazon/Microsoft interviewer

The Politics of Mapping

Ross Holland examines the political consequences of mapping and using certain projections on maps, and the colonial history behind the maps we use everyday. Geography and politics are intrinsically…

Announcing the VOID

Today, we’re announcing a project that represents a small step on a long road towards more transparency and information sharing about software-based failures and outages. The Verica Open Incident Database (aka the VOID) makes public software-related incident reports available to everyone in a single place in order to generate new, better questions and community discussion about incidents. We hope this will raise awareness and increase understanding of these types of failures in order to help make software and the internet more resilient and safer. You can read about the preliminary research results from the VOID in the 2021 VOID Report.

A High-Level Overview Of Large Language Model Concepts, Use Cases, And Tools — Smashing Magazine

Discuss the concept of large language models (LLMs) and how they are implemented with a set of data to develop an application. Joas compares a collection of no-code and low-code apps designed to help you get a feel for not only how the concept works but also to get a sense of what types of models are available to train AI on different skill sets.

The Engineer/Manager Pendulum

Lately I’ve been doing some career counseling for people off Twitter (long story). The central drama for many people goes something like this: “I’m a senior engineer, but I’m thin…

Performance & Compensation (for Eng Execs).

Uber’s original performance process was called “T3B3” and was remarkably simple: write the individuals top 3 strengths, and top 3 weaknesses, and share the feedback with them directly in person. There was a prolonged fight against even documenting the feedback, which was viewed as discouraging honesty. On the other side of things, there are numerous stories of spending months crafting Google promotion packets that still don’t get their authors promoted. Among those who’ve worked within both Uber and Google’s promotion processes, there are advocates and detractors, and absolutely no consensus on what an ideal performance process looks like.

Ukraine's 'Secret Weapon' Is a Controversial Tech Company

The country has come to rely on Clearview AI for a range of wartime tasks, many of which have not been reported:

How to Ensure a Reasonable Salary Before an Interview

Is it OK to ask for a salary range before an interview? How can you ensure a reasonable salary? Read on to get examples.

Git is my buddy: Effective Git as a solo developer

At this point, most developers use Git as a tool for collaboration. We have our rote-learned commands to pull, commit, and push. And of course, there's that one coworker who knows a bit more about Git than everyone else, who helps get us back on track whenever our local repos end up in a strange state. But what if I told you that Git can be a valuable tool without ever setting up a remote repository? I'm not just talking about having a working version of your code base to roll back to if you mess something up, although there's that too. Used correctly, Git can help to structure your work, identifying gaps in your test coverage and minimizing dead code.

Half of Waking Hours Are Now Devoted to Entertainment

These are quick summaries of important developments you might not hear about elsewhere. If I were advising a Minister of Culture, this is the kind of regular briefing I’d provide.

Rethinking shame

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the juxtaposition of mental health, eudaemonia or flourishing in the classical sense, and the sort of “mental health movement” that’s a heavily marketed form of …

Life in Amsterdam these days feels as scattered as my thoughts — Amsterdive

On Teslas, *babyccinos*, eccentric rental prices and good, very good marketing. Or life in Amsterdam after ten + years.

Messaging App Madness: How To Stay Productive [and Sane]

When they came on the scene in the 2010s, enterprise messaging apps delivered the fast collaboration companies craved. A new world of internal messaging dawned in which anyone could ping anyone and get a near-immediate response. But in offering a potent solution, group messaging apps also introduced a problem: constant distraction at work. We’re drowning in notifications that lure us to diversion and degrade productivity.

Oversimplified History of Retro Game Consoles for Programmers

As game developers, we can learn a lot from the past. Let's look at the history of game consoles to understand the driving forces that helped shape the modern gamedev technologies we use today.

The benefits of using a single configuration file

Using a single init.lua or vimrc configuration file for (Neo)Vim file is better than a multi folder/file layout approach. Let me tell why that is the case.

Why Google Zanzibar Shines at Building Authorization | Warrant Blog

Over the last couple years, authorization (AKA “authz”) has become a hot topic of debate. Proponents of various authz frameworks, libraries, and philosophies have voiced their opinions on how it should be implemented, jockeying for position to become the de facto way to implement authz. Among the contestants in this debate, Google’s Zanzibar has recently emerged as a popular way of not only modeling and enforcing authorization for modern, fine grained use cases, but also of scaling to meet the requirements of today’s large-scale, cloud-native applications.

She Just Had a Baby. Soon, She'll Start 7th Grade.

After the fall of Roe v. Wade, some travel hundreds of miles to get abortions. This is the story of a girl who couldn't

Systems Design Interview Guide · Patrick Halina

Systems design interviews are hard! Here's my high level advice for distributed systems and machine learning design questions.